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Enjoy the Sony Cyber Shot Camera

Cyber shot is the latest Sony digital camera available in the market today. Sony Electronic Company Inc. had produced many types of digital cameras. They come up with the new products after products to compete with other electronic manufacturers in the electronic business. They have created the digital single lens reflex camera, bridge camera, digital rangefinder, interchangeable-lens camera and the compact digital camera. Their compact cyber-shot digital camera is the best selling camera in the market today. It is thin and cute. It has a lot of unique features that will capture the interests of the potential consumers. Certified dust proof, waterproof, freeze proof and shockproof are the most highlighted features of this new TX10 sony digital camera. They called this Sony product everything-proof. It has 16.2 megapixel, greater auto, iSweep mode, and it has three inches touch screen. The other unique feature in this Sony cyber-shot digital camera is the capacity to take ten still photo shots in a single second.

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