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Dos and Don’ts in Recovering deleted photos in SD memory card

When you have mistakenly lost or deleted your photos there are things you need to do and others that you need not do all in the bid of ensuring you successively recover all the deleted photos;


1. Remove the card.
After you realize that your photos have been lost, remove the SD memory from the camcorder, digital camera, game console, iphone, etc and keep the card in a safe place
2. Download reliable photo recovery software.
If you have exhausted all other recovery methods to no avail, you can try to recover photos from SD card by Wondershare or any other reliable photo recovery software. To recover photos from SD card by Wondershare, you need to download the Wondershare software that is compatible with your computer’s operating system. Then run the program on the sd card. Any deleted photos will be recovered instantly.


1. Panic
Don’t panic simply because your precious or customer photos (if you are a photographer) have been deleted. You should only worry when you have exhausted all the avenues of recovering the photos. Panic is what pushes one to try inappropriate methods of recovering the data thereby ruining the SD card.
2 .Adding data to SD memory card
After photos, videos, audio files or any other data in the SD card is deleted, that data remains within the fine sectors inside the SD memory card and it just requires a reliable data recovery programme to recover it.However, adding new data to the card means that the existing data is overwritten by the new one and it therefore becomes impossible to recover any deleted data including photos.
3. Tampering with the SD card.
Don’t try to recover the photos from the card using method that you are not sure about. This might cause a permanent damage to the SD memory or the device that you use to take the photos. Moreover, it can hinder the recovery of the deleted photos when you later find a reliable recovery method.
4. Physical Damage
Don’t cause any physical damage to the SD memory card. Any damage may prevent the recovery.

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